HDPE Flexible Pipe Products

Sule Tech Solutions has partnered with BaAn Joint Stock Company from Vietnam which manufactured HDPE Flexible Pipes in Myanmar. Various sizes and colors are available.

HDPE Flexible Pipes Offers best solutions for cable protection.

  • BaAn HDPE Flexible Pipes (TFP) feature high efficiency in protecting power cables and telecommunication cables. This product was invented in the 1960s in Japan, and since has found wide application in Japan, Korea, Thailand, China, South Africa, etc., replacing PVC or steel straight pipes in installations of power and communication cables.
  • In 1998, for the first time in Vietnam, BaAn HDPE Flexible Pipes were manufactured on a production line of modern technology, meeting JIS KSC 8455 Korean Standard, for underground applications in conformity with Japanese Industrial Standard JIS C 3653.
  • BaAn HDPE Flexible Pipes, due to their spiral corrugation, offer a wide range of advantages.

BaAn HDPE Flexible Pipes’ Examples of Applications

  • Underground system in urban area
  • Underground cable system in airport
  • Underground cable system in ports
  • Underground cable system in industrial zones
  • Underground cable system in stadiums
  • Underground cable system in golf-course
  • Cable system on bridges
  • Underground cable system on highway
  • Underground cable system at hydropower project
  • Underground cable system at 110kv-220kv power cable lines