ICT Solutions

Through strong partnership with industry leading’s companies, we specialized in following solutions:

  • Our Solution offers suites of modules: Hospital Information System, Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Enterprise Appointment Scheduling, Inpatient & Outpatient Management, X-ray & Lab records, Pharmacy/Inventory Control, Blood Bank, Medical Assets Management, etc.

  • Our solution can be effectively used by Schools, Colleges, Universities, Training Centers and Kindergartens.

    No longer will keeping records and accessing them be a tiresome task. Our solution significantly improves the environment for communication between administrators, students, parents and teachers.

    Our solution is a web based responsive system accessible from the browser, mobile phones and apps, allowing you to view information previously denied to the School Stakeholders.

    It also bridges the gap between teachers, students and parents with easy communication.

    Our solution is collaborative in nature, leading to awareness between all parties involved in the school system.

  • Our E-Office is a web-based application with cloud computing advantage. It also offers integrated data storage / multi-layer security.

    It is suitable for variation of terminals such as smart phones, laptops, desktops and tablets, etc.


  • Our Street Lights Control System offers an intelligent street lighting solution. Energy consumption and therefore ongoing operating costs can be significantly reduced, without compromising comfort and security, by the targeted dimming of LED lights. In addition to reduced energy consumption, dimming also extends the lifetime of lights and makes a valuable contribution to reducing light pollution.

    Street lights can be dimmed automatically as long as no or just a little light is needed. If the sensors detect pedestrians, cyclists or cars the intensity of the lighting is raised and adapted for a specific street section. In addition to the standard built-in wireless communication, various sensors can be connected as required.

    Overview of street lighting control

    • Information about luminaire status for proactive maintenance and early detection of failures
    • Individual adjustment of the illumination through smooth dimming
    • Read and set the luminaire operating mode
    • Read the power consumption and the operating times
    • Combines the respective advantages of the central and self-sufficient controls
    • Real-time profiles with day-dependent dimming levels