We are the authorized distributor of SMA’s various scanners in Myanmar. Several types and models are available and popular ones are below:

  • The new VERSASCAN 4870 is the latest addition to our family of flatbed scanners. With a scanning range of 1219 x 1778 mm it scans longer and wider than its successful sibling VERSASCAN 3650.

    This double A0 scanner opens news doors as it can scan oversize originals in one go without the need of stitching serval scans together.

    Further it offers outstanding productivity. A high-resolution scan of 600 ppi over the entire scanning range can be performed in about 30 seconds only!

    Of course, the VERSASCAN 4870 is equipped with new V3D technology.

  • The first large format book scanner with automatic page turning function. So far, all existing robotic scanners can only handle small books (below A2). The new ROBO SCAN can handle books up to A2 (ROBO SCAN 2) or A1 (ROBO SCAN 1) without a problem.

    The ROBO SCAN Option is based on the well-known book scanners SCAN MASTER 2 and SCAN MASTER 1 with all its benefits.

  • The new SCAN MASTER 2 book scanner is a very powerful book scanner that can handle books up to A2. The motorized standard book cradle has a range of 35 cm, can handle books up to 50 kg weight and is equipped with adjustable pressure sensors. It can be pulled out to make the workflow easier for the operator.

    Features like manual or automatic opening of the glass plate, vacuum table, device to scan transparent originals and an attachment to scan v-shaped books are optional available.

    The glass plate of the SCAN MASTER 2 book scanner can be removed without the need of any tools.

    The SCAN MASTER 2 book scanner can be operated independent from ambient light and achieves a resolution of up to 1200 dpi! Another unique feature is that the SCAN MASTER 2 book scanner can be upgraded to robotic scanning!

  • First Archive Writer in the world that can produce 16 and 35 mm roll film as well as microfiche. This is the first product of its kind which offers the best possible flexibility. The base unit is equipped with a 16 and 35 mm camera head like the SMA 51 Archive Writer. Producing microfiche like the SMA 105 Archive Writer is an option that can be added – also at a later point in time.

  • This new ScanPro 3000 brings Ultra High Definition scanning to microfilm allowing for never-before-seen archival quality images from all forms of microfilm. The new camera capabilities are the highest of any microfilm scanner and the images will print at over 500 dpi on a letter page, making the ScanPro 3000 the highest optical resolution scanner with the clearest image.